“Andy Byrd has been a missionary with YWAM since 1998, working from Alaska, Maui and Kona Hawaii on worldwide assignments. He’s a leader of leaders, a man of Godly character, the highest of Christian standards with an amazing communication skill given by God. Beyond his leadership ministry, he’s a teacher of the word, a model of Christlikeness and I commend him and his ministry to YWAM locations around the world and to the body of Chirst. With great passion he leads and lives and prays for a new spiritual awakening in this new generation. His vision for Circuit Riders is to follow in many of the principles and footsteps of the Wesleyan revivals centuries ago, but with modern methodologies, technologies and applications.”

Loren Cunningham

Founder – Youth With a Mission

“Something fresh is happening and there are emerging ministries that I’m excited to endorse. Fire and Fragrance and The Circuit Rider have proven to be ministries of integrity. Such leaders as Andy Byrd and his peers, carry a huge vision yet are sensitive to the Holy Spirit of God in the small things and carry a ministry most of all marked by love.”

John Dawson

Youth With A Mission

“I had the honor of being a part of the first school of the Circuit Rider that was launched in Kona, HI in the summer of 2011. God released a sound during that time that is still echoing around the nations. I am excited to both be a part of this ministry as well as recommend the leadership, vision, and integrity of this growing movement. The School of the Circuit Rider is carrying an important message to a young breed of leaders to awaken and be mobilized in saving the lost, reviving the saved, and training them all.”

Sean Feucht

Founder and director of Burn 24-7

“An anointing a sovereign move of God, and a movement that may emerge as a result, is first recognized in the spirit. We have observed over time Gods’s hand on Andy Byrd and the teams that give leadership to the training and convening of the Fire and Fragrance schools and the Circuit Rider events. They are giving the multi-generations a clarion call and ‘practical how to’ discipleship tools to see peoples and places transformed for the glory of God.”

Judy Orred

Leader in Youth With a Mission

“I am a close friend and full supporter of Circuit Riders which is a ministry of Youth With A Mission. God has uniquely highlighted this piece of American history, the Circuit Riders, and I believe this ministry is one of the catalysts towards re-awakening America into national revival. It’s an exciting vision to see the lost saved, the saved revived and all of them trained into lifestyles of genuine worship & dependence on God ending in powerful gospel proclamation and discipleship. I fully endorse their schools and commend the leadership of this movement as they seek to exalt Jesus in the hearts of men and nations. “

Mike Bickle

Director International House of Prayer

“In 30 years of ministry I have found Fire and Fragrance, a fresh wind in YWAM, to be one of the most fruitful fields I’ve ever sown in. Andy Byrd, Sean Fuecht, Brian Brent and friends, have received me as a father, and are lighting 2 great torches together in the earth, the torch of prayer and fasting with the torch of mission and GO! The arrow of evangelism is being shot from the fully bent bow of fiery prayer furnaces. Can you imagine it! Every place where YWAM is proclaiming the gospel across the earth, prayer furnaces of continuous worship arises to heaven. These are the new moravian lamp stands. They are the welcoming party of the Lord Jesus Christ heralding the Lord’s coming in revival and in His coming again. I love these guys!”

Lou Engle

Founder TheCall

“Circuit Riders and Fire and Fragrance are two of the purest ministries I have seen, their love for the Father, there passion for Jesus and their openness to the Holy Spirit is absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend these ministries without reservation to anyone wanting to carry the glory of the Lord, on earth as it is in heaven. Circuit Riders/Fire and Fragrance rocks.”

Heidi Baker

PhD, funding director Iris global

“My friend Andy Byrd is an emerging young apostle of missions and prayer. His life is being used by God to catalyze a new move of missionary revivalists who are going to the hardest darkest places of the earth saying, ‘May the Lamb who was slain receive His reward.’ It is with joy that I recommend him to you!”

Rick Pino

Fire Rain Ministries