We are just getting back from our second tour leg of three on our national 200 campus Carry The Love tour!


Crowd responding to the message at NYU.

Would you believe that at NYU the biggest group of Christians meeting on campus is about 50 students? Regardless, brave students from all across the campus decided to gather together around Jesus, totaling 150 students.  It was a landmark night for the students. Coming together as one, despite ministry backgrounds, to work together to reach their campus like never before.  To top it off they began to see their campus reached with 30 students saying yes to the Gospel and to give everything for Jesus!



 70 Committed to Christ at Concordia  

Uncontrollable worship breaking out at Concordia University in Austin, Texas.

The chaos of this photo matched the insanity of the night.  We gathered at a small Lutheran College called Concordia in Austin, TX. We literally didn’t see more than 10 students walking around the campus for the 3 hours before the event; Suddenly, 150 students from several colleges showed up out of nowhere. We worshiped for 2 1/2 hours with an 8 minute message where 70 people fully surrendered their lives to Jesus, even more repenting and the whole room getting encountered in a special way through the worship. The cherry on top was we got to baptize 11 students in an apartment pool at the close of the night!




Just getting started at University of Connecticut.

Even though our main focus is unifying the believers on campus to reach the lost, nearly every time we see people give their lives to Jesus. At UCONN one of our Circuit Rider communicators was in the middle of a sermon when he felt to give a call for Salvation.  No one responded.  So a little discouraged he continued in his message when one student suddenly stood up and walked to the front of room with a friend smiling and crying. In response the whole crowd of 200 students jumped to their feet and starting celebrating like crazy! Then, another 4 students come to the front with their friends–and the celebration got even crazier!! By the end of the night, the whole room was committing to live wholeheartedly for Jesus on campus and to share the gospel with full joy and no fear -because their friends wanted Jesus!




Students praying with their friend that just gave his life to Jesus at the University of Memphis.

One thing that we love is that gatherings are not about numbers; they are about people.  We are always excited to gather lots of people together but we are even more excited to walk with people into real life change.  At the University of Memphis a student walked into the gathering after smoking weed, saying that his friend invited him to come.  At first he was adamant that he only came for his friend and was not ready to fully surrender his life to Jesus.  But by the end of the message he realized that everything missing in his life was because he had never fully surrendered to Jesus.  At the call for Salvation he stood up in front of everyone and walked to the front to give everything to Jesus.  At the end of the night, not only did he say he was ready to get rid of all of his drugs and follow Jesus, but he admitted that his friend had actually invited him to a different event.




Students gathered at Arkansas Technical University listening to one of CR Communicators.

At every Carry The Love event we host an afterparty, where we invite each student to work together on a collaborative team to put together a larger outreach.  At Arkansas Technical University, 50 of the 150 students that came to the event decided to stay for the afterparty and work together, despite their differences.  When students went to pray into what they were to do to reach the campus, the whole group was suddenly surprised because as they began to share they realized that they had all heard the same thing.   They all felt that God was calling them to put on a large evangelistic concert.  We love how God brings us together to do things that we could never do alone.

If you have a story that you want to share or an incredible testimony of what God is doing in your community or college email us at circuitridermail@gmail.com

If you want to jump into what is happening across the nation, it is not to late.  Join us for 21 Project this summer to join the national family (www.21project.com) or meet us on one of our tour stops this April (www.carrythelove.com).

Until Next Time,

Circuit Rider Team 

All numbers are approximate*