In simplicity, Circuit Riders is about Jesus.

We often use the term “the simple gospel” in our training schools because of the centrality of the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. The role of the Circuit Riders is to be a catalytic spark to see Christians ignited in the love of God and the love of Christ presented to those who have not heard the message of Jesus.

Kona, Hawaii

In 2011, we launched our first Circuit Rider School in Kona, Hawaii at the Youth With A Mission campus. We were inspired by the original story of the Methodist Circuit Riders and their sacrifice, impact and dedication to multiplying the message of the gospel. We had no idea if young people would gather around such an obsolete piece of history. But we stepped out in faith and created a simple video that only had several hundred hits by the time the school started. We were stunned when the Lord brought us 300 fiery young people all hungry for revival.

Circuit Riders is a collaborative ministry of Youth With A Mission that activates collaborative trainings unto evangelistic projects in both cities and nations. Its founding team was made up of both YWAM and non-YWAM members who came together to see another generation fall in love with the gospel.

The Original Circuit Riders

The original Circuit Riders were a movement of selfless, dedicated individuals who gave their very lives to reaching the lost, forming discipleship settings, and shifting the culture around them through wholehearted obedience to Scripture! Their founder, John Wesley, was truly one of the brightest fires to burn in the last five hundred years! His zeal for God created a contagion of simple obedience to the teachings of Jesus and resulted in a movement later described as the First Great Awakening. From England, these fires burst on to the shores of America where their young leader, Francis Asbury, trained and mobilized over 4,000 fearless evangelists who believed that all of America could hear the gospel.

Training Schools

From 2011-2013, we did 19 Circuit Rider schools in over 8 nations (USA, U.K., Denmark, Norway, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia & Fiji.). In one year alone, we trained over 5500 people.

Huntington Beach

The largest outreach from the first Kona Circuit Rider School was held in Huntington Beach, CA. Close to 300 people went out on the streets of Orange County and Los Angeles sharing the love of Jesus and noting an incredible hunger for the gospel in American youth. The Circuit Riders would meet each night in Huntington Beach in a tent right across the street from the beach. Music and the gospel were presented each night leading to salvations and stirrings in Christians to see the lost encounter Jesus Christ.

Universities & Tents

A small community of Circuit Riders never left Huntington Beach. For the last 3 years, they have been pioneering in how to build relationships and build circuits across university campuses. We’ve been exploring how to impact inner city communities through tent events that feature the gospel.  We’ve been testing shorter and quicker training modules that still infuse the revival culture DNA.

Modern Day

Training schools for Circuit Riders today have grown to include skill set development in the different ways the message of the gospel can be communicated. “21 Project” is one type of modern day Circuit Rider school where musicians, artists, evangelists, and entrepreneurs can all cultivate their unique sound and means in spreading the knowledge and love of Jesus.

The Huntington Beach Office

The current headquarters of Circuit Riders is now in Huntington Beach, CA. Teams focus on developing circuits across university and high school campuses, organizing evangelistic “tent events” in under-served inner city communities, and carrying out further training schools.