End of 21 Project: The Weekend Los Angeles Roared

The last weekend of Project 21 culminated in two amazing gatherings.  One Voice had teamed up with the Circuit Riders in hosting a gathering focused on reaching High Schools in Los Angeles.  Todd White spoke on Friday night and there was a rush to the altar of Salvation.  Todd and Brian Barcelona worked together in the fountain of Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena baptizing students and in some instances entire families.

The ground was shaking as fresh faith and hunger arose to see a new Jesus Movement of Salvation all across High Schools and College Campuses.

Lindy Conant was at work dropping one new song after another as her first major album was recorded live during the gathering.  The energy and passion in the room was electric as the music called the room to sold out obedience to Jesus.

The second day of the gathering did not slow down as Lou Engle spoke on the Azusa Street 110th year Anniversary and the April 9th Call at the Coliseum in Los Angeles.  It was during Lou’s set that Chloe Brennt dropped “Another Wave of Revival” and both Lou and the already stirred and sold out students erupted in response to Lou’s message asking God to send “another wave of Revival” all across the nation.

It was the afternoon that took things into a most unexpected direction and one that only displayed that God was leading out in response to the hunger and faith in the region. Andy Bryd stepped out and headed over to Jesus Culture which had a sold out gathering happening just down the road in Long Beach.  Andy spoke on Faith and when he was finished a most unusual breakout of what can be best described as a spontaneous eruption of hunger for God and passion.  All that can be said is Jesus and the Jesus Culture conference came together to sound one of the longest spontaneous eruptions, meaning at 14 minutes the crowd was still going.  What was it that was happening?  The sound of revival forming!

Click video below to listen to Andy Byrd’s full message at Jesus Culture LA. Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 8.38.03 PM

At the same time at the Once Voice gathering Brian Brennt was sounding the alarm for unprecedented unity and radical love to catapult all into the harvest together across America.  The Together 2016 Video was played and the July 16th dates announced for Together 2016 on The Mall in Washington DC.

Daniel Kolenda spoke after Brian and literally taught every single person how to lay hands on the sick and do the ministry of Jesus.  It was more than a teaching it was a massive impartation and it prepared the way for the final session with Nick Vujicic.

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