SEPTEMBER 1st, 2016 – APRIL 30th, 2017  //  HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA

The official Circuit Rider residential training experience creating leaders and teams for the 2017 National University Tour.


The Circuit Riders were a peculiar group. They existed during late 1700s and their sole purpose was to see every soul, home and city reached for the gospel of Jesus. Their leader John Wesley coined the famous phrase, “if you give me 100 men that fear God and hate sin with those alone I will change the world.” He got 300 men and from that point on they changed the face of Christianity in England and the frontiers of America. Francis Asbury took on the daunting task of re-evangelizing forgotten America. When he arrived there were only a few hundred people still faithful and 4 preachers. By the time he died he rode over 270,000 miles on horseback and saw the movement grow to over 200,000 strong and personally raised up 4,000 preachers of the gospel of Jesus. The west had been won. We believe that we are in a similar time that Jesus is raising up men and women who are willing to go to any lengths to reach even one soul.

Their message is love, their leader is Jesus and their unreached is their campus.

The Student Volunteer Movement is another example of a peculiar group. The Mount Hermon 100 were the linchpin to seeing this movement erupt across America and into the nations. During a training time with D. L. Moody the students got gripped with faith. They coined the phrase, “the evangelization of the world in one generation!” A student stood up in the midst and called out for volunteers to arise and take on the daunting task of reaching every nation, every people group and every person with the gospel of Jesus. From that catalytic moment 100 students said yes to lay aside every desire, career or dream to reach the lost. Looking back we know that this student movement is responsible for sending over 25,000 long term missionaries to the nations. Two men took up the task to tour the Northeastern campuses going to any lengths to sign up students to reach their campuses first and the nations.These two movements were centered on the passion to reach any person with the love of Jesus.

We are sending out the urgent call to gather another 100 peculiar men and women to shift history.

Join us for the CR Experience in Huntington Beach,  to be trained in the cultures of Jesus and to Carry The Love to university students all across the nation. We believe that as we catalyze the college campuses of America it will lead to the beginning of another wave of student volunteer missions.

Change is something in the heart of every person in this generation. CR Experience is a training season in Huntington Beach to raise up touring teams for our 2017 national tour. We believe that we have an opportunity to see a tipping point in our time.  Join us in Huntington Beach to live the lifestyle of a Circuit Rider, go deep in the Bible, contribute to this expanding movement, and reach the campuses of America.

The Experience
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You will move to Huntington September 1st, where we will live together, and be personally trained by our Circuit Rider leaders in the Culture of Jesus. You will also begin skill set training in the specific area you will be contributing in: University, Media, or Music. Over the course of the fall we will make some pre-trips (which will be different for each team) to lock in venues and relationships for the 2017 National Tour. We will all go home for Christmas, then come back for a final week of training before launching out on the largest National Tour we have ever undertaken. If we reached to 200 Universities this year, what could God do nationally with all of us throwing in together?

The Tracks and Apply



As part of the CR University track you will be trained as a Jesus communicator, and event organizer for our national tour. On top of spiritual discipleship, you will be trained as a communicator in our CR Preachers Class. This class is both challenging and a highlight for anyone who has ever done it. You will also be helping in practical ways carry out the organization work load required to pull off our national tours. You will love the professional culture of our office as we work together to fuel this grassroots movement. As well as the fish tacos, and the walks on the beach during breaks and in off hours.



As part of CR Media you will be personally coached from our CR Media leaders how to use media as a tool of influence for a viral Jesus movement. You will experience how our CR Media team functions, and how we involve prayer and discernment into our media creation process. You will be given assignments to help create, organize, and implement with in the context of our CR Media team responsibilities. These assignments could range from photoshoots, video editing, graphic design, creating social media content and more. This “creative residency,” will be life changing and catalytic to those who are wanting to use media as their primary tool of influence.  Get ready for some late nights and long trips as we inspire and document this national tour!



As part of CR Music you will receive training on how to breakthrough a room into freedom and worship as a musician! Whether as a worship leader or band member, in a CR Music band all the musicians are equally on fire for Jesus and setting the culture for the room they are leading. Get ready for coaching in your vocals or instrument from our CR musicians, as well as songwriting and learning others songs. We value those who can bring the presence as well as musicians who are skilled in their craft. Huntington Beach is the perfect setting for creating new songs, as well as forming strong teams. You will also have long hours jamming in our practice rooms. It is during the CR Experience that we will be creating bands that will then travel together leading worship on the 2017 national tour.



21 Project:

We encourage everyone interested in the CR Experience to attend 21 project. Though it is not required, it is highly recommended! It will give you context to what you will be apart of in the CR Experience. See 21 Project CLICK HERE


We have a network of community houses in Huntington Beach. You will be placed into one of these community houses, where we will live together, make crazy memories, and grow in our relationship with Jesus. Specific details TBA

Daily Schedule:

10am-5pm Monday – Friday (with some evenings)

Weekends will have special projects and trips but will mostly be free.


$500 (this does not include housing, travel, transportation, or food.)


Food will not be provided.


Circuit Riders is a community of self-funded missionaries. If you are accepted to join us this fall we will help walk you through the fundraising process as you prepare to join the CR community!


Moving to Huntington for the CR Experience is different than attending to a training program. The CR Experience is an intentional training schedule that flows seamlessly with our established CR community.  All of us throw in to serve and are flexible as needs arise. As is expected in a community culture, some dates may need to adjust for pre-trips etc. as we connect with students across the nation.


For any questions please email:

CR Experience and the 2017 National Tour will be historic and YOU are needed to build out the team!

Apply now and being the process of becoming a full-time Circuit Rider. We ride not to make a name for ourselves, but to make Jesus famous. Together we will make a sound this generation cannot ignore.